Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny, He Never Mentions 'Inheriting' This From Bush

This would be victory in Iraq. Of course the TOTUS couldn't bring himself to actually say victory, but rather as Drew over at Ace points out, the war in Iraq is merely ending. You know, like the movie Avatar.
As we take the fight to al Qaeda, we are responsibly leaving Iraq to its people. As a candidate, I promised that I would end this war, and that is what I am doing as President. We will have all of our combat troops out of Iraq by the end of this August. We will support the Iraqi government as they hold elections, and continue to partner with the Iraqi people to promote regional peace and prosperity. But make no mistake: this war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home.

Tonight, all of our men and women in uniform — in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world – must know that they have our respect, our gratitude, and our full support. And just as they must have the resources they need in war, we all have a responsibility to support them when they come home. That is why we made the largest increase in investments for veterans in decades. That is why we are building a 21st century VA. And that is why Michelle has joined with Jill Biden to forge a national commitment to support military families.
For some of us, that victory in Iraq was secured long ago, and nothing he has done as president had any impact on the outcome. He didn't end the war. It was over before he ever took the oath of office. The process of withdrawing the troops is proceeding according to the conditions and timeline outlined by the generals while Bush was president.

No, he will go on believing that veterans are the latest, greatest class of victims needing coddling from the government and give very little attention to things they have accomplished. Gone are the daily body count headlines, the latest expose on failings in the war in Iraq, and the constant hand-wringing over how the only option is losing.

I think it's interesting that apparently he thinks taking care of service members issues is woman's work by highlighting how Michelle and Jill Biden are leading the cause of supporting military families. This is on the heels of Michelle announcing the $8.8 billion in funding in the defense budget for service members and their families in the upcoming budget. Where have they been for the last eight years? It was their side of the political spectrum who accused our troops of being everything from Nazi Stormtroopers to acting like terrorists by kicking in doors in the dead of the night.

Yeah, real nice of them to all of sudden being concerned about our service members when for so long they contributed to many of causes which caused these same families so much anguish. Maybe their guilt is finally getting to them, but I doubt it. Somewhere they think are some votes to be had, and with his poll numbers somewhere below those of Charles Manson, they will beg, plead, cajole, threaten and buy every vote they can.

Yeah, the war is just ending. Nothing notable at all.

I had better things to do last night then to listen to yet another empty, promise-filled, boilerplate campaign speech, although I will say the Supreme Court is just waiting to get a case in front of them from Barry O's DoJ.

I wonder how that will go?

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