Tuesday, January 26, 2010

President's Cabinet Reveals Plans For Continued Dismantling of America

Barry O's cast of clowns, er cabinet members, have put together little video messages for us little people that are meant to inspire and fill us with the spirit of hope and change. They instead should serve as a warning of what you can expect in the coming years and the final years of this lame duck president's term.

Janet Nincompoop's priorities for the coming year?

1. Aviation security
2. Global security standards
3. Upgrade border security

I think we tried that whole comprehensive immigration reform thing a couple of years ago. She might want to check with Sen. McCain on how that whole thing worked out, since he is one of the few who was in favor of it that managed to keep his seat in the Senate, mostly because he wasn't up for re-election.

Gee, what is missing from this list of priorities for wonderful leader of Homeland Security?

Terrorism! At least she didn't mention home-grown terrorists. You know, like all those military veterans or Tea Party protesters. Pesky little scamps, doncha know.

How about Eric Holder, head of the Department of Injustice?

1. Financial fraud
2. Safety of Americans
3. Civil Rights
4. Fairness in our markets

How about that case against the New Black Panther Party in Pennsylvania? How did that thing turn out? About that transparency you are talking about, why are you ignoring a FOIA request for documents related to your dismissal of the case?

Do you really expect us to take you serious with your insane decision to bring the Club Gitmo guests to New York for a show trial?

H/T to TSO over at This Ain't Hell for calling my attention to these little tidbits.

Just as a funny side note, I tried to get a screen grab of the picture of the cabinet and wasn't able to do it so I decided to go see if they had one in the photo section of the website. No luck. There are however, three pages of pictures of the Magnificent One while there are only four, not four pages, mind you, four photos of the First lady and three photos of the First Family and very little else in the way of photos.

Guess we know what the message is.

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