Friday, January 29, 2010

Democrats Guaranteeing Their Legislation Is Ruled Unconstitutionial

How freaking stupid have you got to be? The Democrats not content to just let Barry O take a cheap shot at the Supreme Court have decided to follower their Dear Leader's lead and are continuing their denigration of the court.

Guys this ain't real smart from several points of views. The first might be that any conservative leaning judge who was entertaining the notion of retiring will probably put those plans on hold for awhile, thereby guaranteeing a conservative majority.

Second, even some of the liberal judges may take umbrage with attacks upon the institution that they represent and throw a few votes over to the conservative side to send a message.

Thirdly, any legislation you do manage to pass and get the president to sign is just ripe for the picking by anybody who files a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of that legislation. I wonder which way that case would get decided?
President Obama's public undressing of the robed Supreme Court justices seated in front of him at the State of the Union address turned heads and drew rebukes from Republicans.
But his words were downright genteel compared with what's been said on the Senate floor the past two days. Democrats on Capitol Hill accused conservative court members of deciding cases specifically to benefit the Republican Party.

I am getting real tired of the whining from the Democrats. My god you would think the whole world is against them and they just can't get anything done, even though they hold majorities in both houses of Congress and the Presidency. In fact they gained control of the House of Representatives in the last two years of the Bush presidency, and still they whine about how Republicans block them.
On Thursday, Sen. Patrick Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, called the ruling on corporate election spending a "threat to the rule of law" and said it is one example of "a willingness of a narrow majority of the Supreme Court to render decisions from the bench to suit their own ideological agenda."

Of course Mr Leahy couldn't be bothered with the name of the legislation, which was the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill. Last time I checked McCain was still a Republican.

Dems it is time to grow up. Quit your damn whining, face the fact that you are in charge, and quite frankly, your ideas suck which is why most sane people who aren't popping a handful of pills to deal with their psychiatric problems reject them out of hand.

The liberal lawmakers have attacked the average citizen, their counterparts in congress and now they are assailing the Supreme Court who is a separate but equal branch of our government. These sort of displays are simply pathetic and speak very poorly of any adult, much less of somebody who was elected and is being paid by the taxpayers.

BTW for all of the whining and crying by the Democrats about how somehow this decision by the Supreme Court in someway benefits the Republicans is all horse manure. In reality what it is, is an attempt to get that message out there to draw attention away from who really benefits from this provision being struck down.

The big boss might want to take a second look at his campaign funding reports also.

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