Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Independent Journalism?

This is just an example of what grinds my gears in regards to our journalists nowadays. While browsing the Newseum web site I saw three papers with the same picture on the front page.

The Marshfield News-Herald
Stevens Point Journal
Wausau Daily Herald
The Herald Times Reporter used a different picture but the same story.

What a coincidence. Well actually it isn't.

What got me was the accompanying article was about the governor of Wisconsin who gave his State of the State speech, and here we have at least four separate newspapers in the state, who rather then devoting their own resources to providing coverage, they instead relied on an AP version of the story. A story that directly affects your state and in your back yard and yet you use an AP wire story.

How is that serving the people of the state? If all you are going to be is an echo chamber then you are not serving any purpose.

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