Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Media Matters Morons: Bill O'Reilly Wants to Waterboard Nancy Pelosi

It's hilarious seeing these Soros-funded twits from Media Matters flail away in futility as they do anything they can to undermine their enemies. If it's not lifting passages out of context of Rush Limbaugh and using their media dupes to spread the message, then it's usually anyone at Fox News, and in this case they're going after Bill O'Reilly for some facetious comments he made last weekend. Naturally, some schlub at the New York Daily News dutifully regurgitates their drivel, along with Bathtub Boy, Keith Olbermann. Clearly, nobody at Media Matters has anything remotely close to a sense of humor.
Conservative rabble-rouser Bill O'Reilly ventured his solution to D.C.’s partisan gridlock during a lecture on Saturday - kidnap Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and possibly waterboard the House Speaker.

"I told Obama that the best thing he could do would be hire me as his main adviser," he said.

"If [Obama] did hire me . . . I'd get Leon [Panetta] in . . . And I'd say, Leon, look . . . You gotta kidnap Pelosi and Reid.

"Don't hurt them. Don't hurt them, okay? But take them to an undisclosed location," he told the laughing audience. "No waterboarding, well maybe with Nancy."

Audio of his remarks, made during his Saturday stop in Westbury, N.Y., for his "Bold and Fresh Tour" with Glenn Beck, was first posted on the liberal Web site

"Once that happens . . . once you get the real loon fringe out of there," he continued, "If you got . . . somebody else in there, who they [Republicans] didn't loathe so much, there might be a little detente, and we might be able to get something done."

Long time O'Reilly foe Keith Olberman responded by crowning the Fox News host his "Worst Person in the World" on last night's episode of MSNBC's "Countdown."

The liberal TV presenter claimed he finds nothing funny in remarks, calling them O’Reilly’s stock "violence fantasies."

"He says it because he wants somebody to do it," the liberal TV presenter said.
Notice O'Reilly is called a conservative rabble-rouser while the deranged Olbermann is merely a liberal TV presenter.

Of course Olbermann, known to tell people to kill themselves and who last week called Scott Brown every vile name in the book, isn't a rabble-rouser.

He also doesn't have any ratings and Fox is the No. 1, most-trusted name in news, so he's still desperate enough to use material from the long ago discredited Media Matters.

How sad.

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