Saturday, January 23, 2010

'An Abusive, Intrusive, Paranoid, Condescending Crazywoman'

So Elizabeth Edwards was "an abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending crazywoman," although the fawning mainstream media willfully ignored her behavior as well as her husbands for many year, instead preferring to portray them as some loving power couple more concerned with the downtrodden. It took the National Enquirer and bloggers to do the dirty work exposing these frauds. But hey, now the truth can be told so the authors of a book can cash in. Nothing like not doing your job then but alerting readers now.

I wonder how their employers feel that they didn't do their jobs back when Edwards was a presidential candidate?

It was "the lie of Saint Elizabeth," the courageous, cancer-stricken, wronged-wife persona that endeared Elizabeth Edwards to Americans.

Behind the scenes, she and John Edwards fought viciously and she erupted in irrational outbursts, a new book says.

"Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime," by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, says John Edwards' campaign staffers suffered her wrath for years and felt like "battered spouses."

"There was no one on the national stage for whom the disparity between public image and private reality was vaster or more disturbing," the book says. In the mainstream media, the worse John Edwards looked and the more tawdry his profile became, the more heroic his wife seemed.

A dissection of the 2008 presidential campaign that has made news for juicy revelations, "Game Change" paints Edwards as "an abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending crazywoman."

Through all of John Edwards' denials of his affair and his love child, Edwards was publicly a noble buttress. But for years, Edwards denigrated her husband as a hick and said his parents were rednecks.

The book also shows moments of her pain and vulnerability: In 2007, the day after the National Enquirer broke news of her husband's affair with Rielle Hunter, the Edwardses fought in an airport parking lot, and Edwards cried and tore off her blouse, imploring her husband, "Look at me!"

In April 2008, when the supermarket tabloid published a photo of John Edwards holding his love child, Edwards insisted her husband wasn't the father.

"I have to believe it, because if I don't, it means I'm married to a monster," she told an aide.

John Edwards finally admitted Thursday that he fathered a daughter with Hunter. A former aide, Andrew Young, who had claimed to be the father, is due to spill all in a TV interview next week.
Within a week of Sarah Palin ascending to national prominence in 2008 we knew every intimate detail of her life, most of it portrayed in unflattering fashion by the Washington press corps. Meanwhile, you had an "an abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending crazywoman" and her cheating husband still getting good press even after these writers knew the truth.

Media bias? What media bias?

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