Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot Blue on Blue Action: MSNBC Moron Ed Schultz Tells Robert Gibbs He's 'Full of Shit'

This Democrat implosion gets better by the minute. Low-rated MSNBC knuckle-dragger Ed Schultz was speaking at a gathering in Minnesota last night and told the audience about an exchange he had with White House spokesthing Robert Gibbs.
SCHULTZ: I told him he was full of sh*t is what I told him. … And then he gave me the Dick Cheney f-bomb. … I told Robert Gibbs, I said “And I’m sorry you’re swearing at me, but I’m just trying to help you out. I’m telling you you’re losing your base. Do you understand you’re losing your base?”
Schultz clearly suffers from Cheney Derangement Syndrome. What's the deal? Any time someone uses the F-bomb it has to come back to Cheney?

Meanwhile, the commenters over at the TP asylum are in deep, deep denial.
Thank you for posting this. What it means is….THE CONSERVATIVES/TEABAGGERS ARE NOT A FORCE. We liberals are! Honestly, I wished they had shown up to vote to put Coakley in Ted’s seat, but since they didn’t, the only move the Obama Admin, Harry, and Nancy can do now is go far left and drop the nuclear-option-bomb whenever they can! It’s truly what the people of this country want despite what the wingers are saying.
Just keep thinking like that. This counter-revolution should be easy.

Here's video of Schultz in case you have 17 minutes of your life and a million brain cells to sacrifice.

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