Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Idaho, Nevada Prepare For Rush of Wealthy Refugees

This sounds like more good news for Nevada, which is already experiencing an increase of businesses and individuals fleeing the bankrupt socialist utopia known as California.
With a surge of last-minute votes expected, Oregon will decide Tuesday whether to impose higher taxes on businesses and people whose income is well into six figures
Liberals only know one policy when it comes to getting money. They love to use the force of law to seize from it one group of citizens--whoever happens to be on their enemies list at the moment--to give to another group. They lack any sort of intellectual power to come up different ways to try and generate revenue or, heaven forbid, they should even think for one moment to maybe, you know, cut spending.

Air America failed because they could not seize money and lacked the product or ingenuity to develop some other way of generating money.

What seems so oxymoronic about the two provisions is that one proposal is to tax wealthy individuals and the other is to tax businesses. Now correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the wealthy individuals the same people who own the businesses that, like, hire the other folks to work so that they can pay taxes?

The only ingenious thing liberals can come up with is Orwellian names to give to these new taxes, that are all too often cloaked behind some sort of really feel good, be kind to puppies, type of title.

It's for the children.....

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