Monday, January 25, 2010

Mikey Lupica's Advice for Obama's SOTU Speech: Blame Bush

New York Daily News jocksniffer cum political pundit Mikey Lupica really has the pulse of the nation as we head toward Mr. TelePrompter's State of the Union speech Wednesday night. It seems Lupica was too busy of late slobbering over the New York Jets to realize Obama is in freefall and it has nothing to do with a "Republican jihad," as Lupica puts it, and more to do with Obama's ineptitude.
There is a State of the Union speech Barack Obama should give Wednesday night, needs to give and won't. There is a speech he should write and deliver without input from all those geniuses around him who didn't see Scott Brown's pickup truck coming until it ran them all over.

That speech would begin this way:

"There are people who say I was a far better candidate than I am a President, and you know what? So far, they're right about that. It is why I pledge to you tonight to become something more than the President of words.

"The theme of my campaign was 'Change We Can Believe In.' So far, I can see why even those who voted for me now wonder if that was one more empty slogan. But my hope, from this day forward, is to give our country change it can actually SEE. If I can't, I realize I'm on my way to being just one more American out of work."

Obama is better than he has shown, better than the vituperative coverage he gets from the right. Better than this Republican jihad against him, on health care and everything else. Better than a failed opposition party whose only plan is for this President to fail.

Still: In one year, Obama has allowed his enemies to turn "populist" into the new code word of American life, a heroic way to simply describe people who desperately wanted him out of office before he even TOOK office, who believe the only two people he could have beaten are the two he did: John McCain and Sarah Palin, captain of the right-wing pep squad.

The leaders of the "populist" movement? They are the ones who snarl into microphones, with laughable self-importance and an even more laughable moral certainty, vowing to take back America one state at a time. From whom? Americans? Wow. These guys should be going cave to cave in Afghanistan.
Of course the ones who "snarl into a microphone" refers to Rush Limbaugh, a man Lupica cannot get through one of these spiels without bashing.

Doe Lupica have the slightest clue why Obama is in such a predicament? It's not Sarah Palin, leader of the right-wing pep squad (nice misogynistic reference there, little guy), it's not Rush Limbaugh snarling into a microphone, it's Obama. He's the one to blame. Not anyone else. He's President, he owns his record.

Of course since Obama and his coterie of sycophants sixth-graders in the media refuse to acknowledge what a failure he's been it all goes back to one thing: Blaming Bush.

Obama is the one who needs to be a populist Wednesday night. A real one. There is a reason why people believed in him enough to elect him. He needs to remember how, and why, before it's too late. He starts Wednesday night by reminding the American people, in plain language, that it took the guy before him eight years to get us into this kind of mess. This President gets more than one year to get us out of it.
Sure, an elitist snob who condescendingly sneers about people driving trucks just a week ago is magically going to be transformed into a populist. Not because he is one, but because his bootlickers in the media thinks it's the only way he can save his failed presidency.

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