Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slimy NY Democrat Divorces Wife, Never Tells Her

I'm not quite clear how you can do this, but leave it to a corrupt New York City Democrat to pull a stunt like this. The funny part? She doesn't really care and just chalks it up to him being a politician.
Long before the $177 bagel, there was the secret divorce.

When accused City Council crook Larry Seabrook legally dumped his wife in 1993, he skipped one important detail - sharing the news with her.

The stealth split remained a secret for years as his duped spouse shared a bed and a Bronx home with Seabrook and even co-signed a $140,000 loan for him.

Despite the deception, ex-wife LaVerne Seabrook, 64, told the Daily News yesterday that her one-time spouse - now charged in a seven-year run of greed and corruption - was basically a nice guy.

"He's a politician," she said outside her modest Bronx home. "It happens. Do I believe it? No. When we were together, he was honest."

Not completely, though.

When her husband ran for the state Senate in 2000, it was revealed then that Seabrook had filed and won a divorce seven years earlier - and never told LaVerne.

Six weeks after the 1993 decree, Seabrook persuaded her to co-sign a bank loan to buy a residence near Albany for his use when the Legislature was in session.

The house where the couple lived was used as collateral. Bank documents listed the pair as married.

The 58-year-old pol - who also owns a Co-op City apartment and a home in South Carolina - continued filing a joint federal tax return and sleeping with his ex-wife.

He finally moved out in 1996, claiming he had stuck around until the couple's daughter finished high school.

"That's real family values," Seabrook insisted a decade ago.

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