Monday, June 14, 2010

'If I Were Running Today, I Would Be Kissing Their Butts'

Memo to New York Democrats and Republicans alike. Alienate tea partiers at your own peril.
Much of America sees New York City as the epicenter of bleeding heart liberaldom, a tolerant, immigrant-friendly, tax-and-spend kind of place.

What America doesn't know is that one in five New Yorkers supports the Tea Party - the right-leaning, close-the-borders, anti-government movement of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

Here in this city of labor rights, gay pride and lefty havens, Tea Partyers lead double lives as foot soldiers in a quiet war to reverse the direction of America.

A statewide Marist Poll of 686 New Yorkers commissioned last month by the Daily News highlighted the phenomenon: One in four registered voters statewide considers himself a Tea Party supporter. That translates to 21% in the city, and 25% in Long Island and Westchester County - enough to make politicians tremble.

"Want to know how big a deal they are?" asked former Staten Island Borough President and longtime GOP powerhouse Guy Molinari, 81. "If I were running today, I would be kissing their butts."
Obviously in New York City there are districts where Democrats run unopposed or with token opposition and will never go GOP. But when it comes to statewide elections, in particular for the Senate this year, tea partiers and independents could prove decisive, in particular with the Kirsten Gillibrand race.

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