Thursday, June 03, 2010

They All Needed a Job

RIP, nutroots blogosphere.

It wasn't as if these buffoons could make it in the real world, so they've been absorbed by the liberal media. As if that's a winning formula.
That didn't take very long. The progressive blogosphere really first emerged onto the political scene in late 2002 over fights like the run up to Iraq, the 2003 Democratic primaries, and Trent Lott's comments at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party. In less than eight years, it went from a loosely knit, rag-tag network of amateur outsiders into a fixture in the world of professional political advocacy and media.
They'll soon wither and die with the rest of the far left media.

We adults with real lives and real jobs who do this as a hobby will soldier on. The right occupies nearly half the spots in these rankings, most of us aren't in it for a payday, and we're clobbering websites and blogs from major establishment media.

Although maybe a few years from now when the dying media relics now employing the Juice Boxers wither and die some on the right may be in demand since nobody is paying attention to these deep thinkers. May they save a few bucks while they're still employed at the first real job any of them has ever probably had.

Update: Not just job insecurity, thumb-sucking insecurity!

Via Instapundit, and thanks for the link.

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