Wednesday, June 09, 2010

'This is the Definition of a Dirty War'

Our guys look the wrong way at a terrorist and they're hauled up on charges. The Israelis are constantly under attack for using supposed WMD when defending themselves against the Islamist marauders.

Yet when we see stories like this we get stifled yawns. No fretting over Geneva Convention protections, no war crimes tribunals, no condemnation from the UN.

Nothing. In fact, we'll probably hear that they wouldn't resort to such brutality if we just let them live in peace.

We made them do it.
British troops risk being infected with HIV as Taliban fighters are hiding contaminated needles with their bombs.

Heroin syringes as well as razor blades are being buried in the ground by insurgents in Afghanistan so that they prick bomb squad experts.

It is believed that the needles, used in Helmand province, are contaminated with hepatitis and HIV as the Taliban use increasingly 'despicable' tactics.

Protective Kevlar gloves have been issued to all Royal Engineer and Royal Logistic Corps bomb search teams.

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army officer, exposed the tactic. ‘Are there no depths to which these people will stoop?’ he told the Sun.

‘This is the definition of a dirty war.’

Lieutenant Colonel David Southall, Commanding Officer of the Counter-IED Task Force said: 'Improvised explosive devices remain a tactic of desperation and last resort.

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