Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Woman Charged With Adultery ... in New York

Not New York City, mind you, but in Western New York in the town of Batavia. It's New York State but you may as well be in the midwest considering the proximity to NYC. Anyway, while this woman and the guy she was getting busy with on a park bench were both hit with public lewdness charges, the local police decided to go retro and hit the woman with adultery charges. How rare is that? There isn't a single case on record in Genesee Country since records have been kept.
No person from Genesee County has been charged with adultery since extensive criminal records have been kept in New York.

That was until Friday, when a city of Batavia woman found having sex with a man in a public park was charged by city police.

Suzanne Corona, 41, who is married with three children, is one of only 12 people charged with adultery in New York since 1972, according to statistics from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

City police decided to charge her with adultery after an officer was called to Farrall Park about 5 p.m. Friday for a report of two people engaging in sex in front of children and mothers playing at the park.

Officer Matthew Baldwin said the two were on a picnic table in a pavilion, in full view of a playground area where children were playing.

He knew the woman was married because of previous police calls to her house and decided to file the adultery charge. Both the woman and man she was with, Justin Amend, 29, of Oakfield, were also charged with public lewdness. Amend was not charged with adultery because he was not aware Corona was married.
This woman is a real piece of work, and I'm wondering about her husband's state of mind as well.
According to court papers obtained by WHAM 13, Corona told police at the time of her arrest, "I know what I did was inappropriate and I apologize, but you'd understand if you knew what my life was like."

She told officers her husband is "transgender," and that the two "never had sex."

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