Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Foreign Money in Politics: Soros Donates $1 Million to Media Matters

I wonder if the Little Hitlers at Media Matters will attack me for noting this?
Media Matters, the liberal activist group that wages a rhetorical war against Fox News Channel and others in the conservative press, will announce on Wednesday the receipt of a $1 million donation from the philanthropist George Soros.

In a statement obtained by The Caucus, the organization says it plans to use the money to intensify its efforts to hold the Fox host Glenn Beck and others on the cable news channel accountable for their reporting.

Fox has transformed itself into a 24-7 G.O.P. attack machine, dividing Americans through fear-mongering and falsehoods and undermining the legitimacy of our government for partisan political ends,” the group will say in the statement, to be released Wednesday afternoon.
So we have a group that makes up stories about Beck and Rush Limbaugh by splicing together audio and Fox is the attack machine? What planet are these people living on?
In an accompanying statement, Mr. Soros, a billionaire who has a history of supporting liberal politicians and causes, accused Fox News hosts of “incendiary rhetoric” and said he hoped that his money would be used “in an effort to more widely publicize the challenge Fox News poses to civil and informed discourse in our democracy.”
Civil actions. Like making up stories. Typical leftists. Accuse others of actions which you are guilty of.
Officials at Media Matters regularly deny that they have ever taken money from Mr. Soros, who repeats that denial in Wednesday’s statement, saying, “I have not to date been a funder” of the liberal organization. Now, he will officially be a donor, and likely a fresh target for criticism from the right.
Media Matters has a long, documented history with Soros. Now it's undeniable.

Meanwhile, the thugs spend their days begging advertisers to boycott Fox News. How pathetic.

More here on the Soros connections.
Politico, however, reported today that “Media Matters has received funding from or formed partnerships with several groups that Soros funds or has funded. These include the Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, and the Center for American Progress.” It later corrected its post to absolve because it “has not received a donation from Soros since 2004.”

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