Saturday, October 02, 2010

One Nation Avoiding Washington Together

Judging the this livestream at CNN, nobody has showed up for the kook left rally in Washington. How sad.

While Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's rally drew hundreds of thousands, the media's avoiding even mentioning figures, that how embarrassing this is.
"We are together. This march is about the power to the people," said MSNBC host Ed Schultz. "It is about the people standing up to the corporations. Are you ready to fight back?"

In a fiery speech that opened the "One Nation Working Together" rally on the National Mall, Schultz blamed Republicans for shipping jobs overseas and curtailing freedoms. He borrowed some of conservative commentator Glenn Beck's rhetoric and promised to "take back our country."

"This is a defining moment in America. Are you American?" Schultz told the raucous crowd of thousands. "This is no time to back down. This is time to fight for America."
Raucous crowd? Huh?

The typical, manufactured signs were present at this sparse gathering.
Rally signs range from benign to fiery. They include: "The Left is What's Right," "Stop Racism Now," We March for Hope Not Hate," "Proud to be a Democrat," "Stand with Obama," "Silence GOP Lies,""No Cuts to Social Security" and "Axis of Ignorance - Tea Party, Republicans, Fox News."
William Teach surmises we won't be seeing many, if any, overhead shots. Don't want to humiliate this diverse coalition of Democrat-leaning groups too much, I guess.

More: Jim Hoft has video of cranky Castro-lover Harry Belafonte. I flipped on Fox to see if they were covering it and they're have a Beck rereun on. Heh. Schultz's own station, the low-rated MSNBC, has taped programming. Ouch.

Around this time on the day of Beck's rally, the blogosphere was buzzing. Today not so much. Oh well, at least with so few people there they won't leave as big a mess as they normally do.

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