Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Predictable: Stupid Bloggers and Climate Deniers Didn't Understand the Humor of Blowing Up Children

You see, blowing up children and others was simply a subtle, nuanced form of humor that the great unwashed just couldn't comprehend. If only we could appreciate the genius behind obliterating climate change skeptics then the idiots behind this wouldn't have had to yank their film so quickly and issue rote apologies.
Whatever you think about No Pressure, the Richard Curtis short film for the 10:10 climate campaign published last Thursday before its withdrawal by the campaign group less than 24 hours later, one thing is undeniable: it has generated a high pressure torrent of comment across guardian.co.uk, Twitter, the blogosphere and the press.
Indeed, mass homicide pretending to be humor can elicit immediate response. I guess they figured everyone would immediately appreciate blood-spattered classrooms littered with the body parts of children. Har-de-har-har.
First, a recap in case you missed it. The film, intended as a tongue-in-cheek spoof of hectoring greens, shows schoolkids, office workers, football manager David Ginola and actor Gillian Anderson being blown up for not signing up to cut their carbon emissions (hit Wikipedia for more detail). 10:10 has since apologised to anyone who was offended by the film - saying that it "missed the mark".

Plenty of people on our comment threads and Twitter thought the pantomime gore in the film was hilarious. And the film's shock value has certainly exposed 10:10 to a massive amount of global press coverage, including the Daily Mail, the BBC, the Independent, the Daily Express, The Australian. Even the Sun had some fun with it in their piece headlined "Gionola 'blown up' in internet ad". It has received over 170,000 views on YouTube and postings on countless other sites.

Some found it hilarious? These are the same people, of course, who can't even laugh when environmental wackos are made fun of. They'd prefer those who employ such humor to be brought up on hate crime charges, put in front of tribunals and, once can only assume from their mindset--executed for their "crimes" against humanity.

They just don't get it, and judging by the smarmy response from the warmers, they never will.

Jim Treacher has some thoughts, including a video remix. Tim Blair reminds us the big 10:10 day is coming. No doubt by then the warmies will all be portrayed as the protectors of the environment rather than those who revel in fantasy snuff films.

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