Monday, November 06, 2006

Member of Religion of Peace Plotted To Kill Thousands

The Islamofascists never tire of seeking ways to inflict mass murder upon innocent people. The plot involved detonating dirty bombs on the Heathrow Express or on a Tube train under the Thames, among other methods.

Al Qaeda terrorists planned to use "dirty bombs" to blow up the Heathrow Express or a Tube train passing under the Thames, a court heard today.

Dhiren Barot, 34, also plotted to strike at the West End's leading hotels and mainline railway stations.

The catastrophic results would have produced "another black day for the enemies of Islam and victory for the Muslims", he wrote.

Barot expected the devastation and loss of life to match 9/11 and the Madrid bombs, the court heard.

The attacks would have been coordinated in a series of back-to-back explosions with further strikes on landmark buildings in Washington, New York and Newark, New Jersey.

Barot costed every aspect of the terrorist outrages, then travelled to Pakistan to present them to al Qaeda bosses "like a business plan", the court was told.

But Barot and other conspirators were stopped by a brilliant police operation and meticulous detective work pieced together exactly what the terrorists planned for London.

The would-be mass murderer was born a Hindu but converted to Islam.

Of course, many in the UK close their eyes to such activities, fail to speak out, or reflexively blame George Bush, Tony Blair, the War in Iraq, or some other such lame excuse.

They never will get it.

Until it's too late.

UPDATE 11/7: This piece of human garbage was sentenced to life.


Anonymous said...

But look at the photo, he doesn't look like a mass murderer ....

JammieWearingFool said...

Mohammed Atta and Ziad Jarrah didn't look like murderers either in that Al-Q training camp video.

In fact, they looked like they were about to make out.