Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Former CNN Hack to "Cover" Iraq War

You just can't make this stuff up. Earlier today we mentioned the journalists creating their own blogs. Now Eason Jordan is jumping in. As if we don't get quite enough slanted coverage out of Iraq.
For the past four years there has been no shortage of news and views on Iraq and the long-running war there. What’s been missing: a one-stop-shopping clearinghouse for nonpartisan information, including material coming out of Iraq itself from natives of that country, not from foreign correspondents.

Now that need is finally being addressed in the form of IraqSlogger, in Beta at, but due to be officially launched next week. Its director is the former CNN news division chief, Eason Jordan, who quit that post suddenly in 2005 after 23 years with the company. The name of his new venture, he says, was inspired by a Donald Rumsfeld reference to this war being a “long, hard slog.”

Some background on Jordan. It's not pretty.

UPDATE: Michelle throws down the gauntlet and the dummy takes the bait.

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The Sanity Inspector said...

The remarkable thing about the original Eason Jordan scandal was how it showed the new power of the internet. All the pressure that built up on him to resign was mostly online, as the flap was barely reported in the MSM at all.