Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aussie Kids txt 4 Free Condoms

Wonderfully innovative and sure to be a hit with the kids, especially the shy, lazy ones.

Kids txt 4 free condoms
Teenagers celebrating the end of high school will be able to order free condoms by text message as part of a national sexual health campaign.

Marie Stopes International provides sexual and reproductive healthcare services in a number of countries, and for the next month will operate the SMS service to coincide with schoolies celebrations.

The organisation's acting chief executive Jill Michaelson said there was still a stigma among young people associated with buying condoms from supermarkets and pharmacies. Statistics show about 20 per cent of young people have had unprotected sex.

"A lot of young people are quite self-conscious about buying condoms and some just don't have the money to do it," Ms Michaelson said.

By sending their details to 19-SEX-TXT, teenagers will receive two condoms in a discreet white envelope - just in time for schoolies week.
Only two?

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