Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Violent Protests in Venezuela

Things are not all high tides and green grass in the socialist worker's paradise of Venezuela.
Police fired tear gas at students angry at plans to let President Hugo Chavez stand for indefinite re-election as bottles and stones were thrown.

Mr Chavez would also be allowed to bypass legal controls on the executive during a state of emergency.
Some people at least are not being carried away with the delusions of their government. Of major interest in this article are the comments when you scroll down. Most of them purport to be students who were involved in the protest.

They state that the police were actually quite well behaved but Chavez supporters on the street were the real hooligans. The only voice supporting the socialist government was from some goof who was not there, and it's authentic moonbat gibberish:
"I helped organize protests in NYC against restructuring of the City University. Many of the students were from working class backgrounds, and of the thousands who showed up at City Hall, the overwhelming majority where black or of Latin American descent. 7,000 police were mobilized to contain the protests. I myself was beaten and hospitalized in the days leading up to it... Our demands were for an open university that served the entire population. These student protesters are far more concerned with defending their wealth and priviledge. Their right-wing leaders supported a military coup, a coup who's leader now sits at liberty in Miami, Florida. I have to say that North Americans are getting sick of a lying, right-wing media that only respects dissent when it looks down at the people and proclaims a democratic and socialist government a tyranny. Where were these heroic students when the coup leaders shot people down in the streets of Caracas? Where were they when democracy was truly spit on? They were cheering. The fact is that Venezuela has more students than ever, less censorship than ever and is actually repossessing their national wealth away from the foreign oil companies and the parasitic elite that views Venezuela's patrimony as their personal inheritance. BBC. Fox News. CNN. RCTV... We've had enough.
Jed Brandt, New York City"
You just know this goof has to be a political science professor at some junior college with a Che poster on the wall in his one-room flat. Notice his focus on wealth.

I find that socialists are just as concerned about getting money as anybody else. They just want to get theirs by using the government to confiscate yours.

Brandt is labeled a Neo-Maoist here. More on him here. What a shock.

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