Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Moon Decries Violence Against Women; Expresses "Deep Concern"

Sure, it's all well and good, but how about naming names?

Curious how he omits mentioning a certain misogynistic death cult know as Islam.
The U.N. secretary-general warned that violence against women has reached "hideous" levels in some countries trying to recover from conflict, and the U.N. Security Council demanded an end to impunity for rape and other sexual abuse.

The council expressed deep concern Tuesday that despite its repeated demands for an immediate end to violence against women caught in armed conflicts, "rape and other forms of sexual abuse, as well as all other forms of violence, ... remain pervasive, and in some situations have become systematic, and have reached appalling levels of atrocity."
Of course, here in America, we've gone so far over the edge by declaring four-year-olds hugging is sexual harassment while ignoring the plight of women in certain countries.

Nothing like keeping tyhings in perspective.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said "violence against women has reached hideous and pandemic proportions in some societies attempting to recover from conflict." He did not name any countries.

"Together, all of us need to strengthen our collective and individual response to it," Ban said. "This is essential if we are to reverse the damage done by conflict, and to build more inclusive, accountable and cohesive socieites, underpinned by viable democratic institutions."
Well, that diplo-babble is just peachy, but how about pointing out the offenders?
U.N. Undersecretary-General for Peacekeeping Jean-Marie Guehenno stressed the U.N.'s "zero tolerance" for sexual exploitation and abuse by its more than 80,000 peacekeeping troops.
Cleaning up your own house would be a start.

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