Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Little Hitler Warns of "Quagmire"

Looks like the Democrat talking points are slow in getting to Lil' Mahmoud.

He should know that his buddies on the left aren't saying much of anything about Iraq lately because the news is all pretty good. And frankly, quagmire is soooo 2003.
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran warned the United States on Wednesday it would find itself in a "quagmire deeper than Iraq" if it attacked the Islamic state, and Russia stepped up efforts for a diplomatic solution to Tehran's nuclear row with the West.

The warning by the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, a target of new U.S. sanctions announced last week, added to angry rhetoric between the two old foes that has prompted speculation of possible U.S. military action.

U.S. President George W. Bush this month suggested a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to World War Three but the White House said on Tuesday it remained determined to resolve the stand-off peacefully.

"If the enemies show inexperience and want to invade Islamic Iran, they will receive a strong slap from Iran," Jafari said in comments carried by the semi-official Fars News Agency.

"The enemy knows that if it attacks Iran it, will be trapped in a quagmire deeper than Iraq and Afghanistan, and they will have to withdraw with defeat," he told a parade in north-central Iran, without mentioning the United States by name
These freaks have no idea how hard they're about to get slapped.

By the way, I notice Reuters cropped the above photo so you don't see the pipsqueak standing on the milk crate. Have to keep up appearances.

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