Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness

That is what Michael Yon must feel like. He has offered the most up to date and precise reporting of what is going on in Iraq, all on his own dime. He is writing the stories that outside of the web you have never heard of. He has quite often been compared to Ernie Pyle, and indeed he is today's reincarnation of Ernie. Now Michael is making an offer to other media outlets. Please publish his works and reports, FREE.
While he is offering his stories for free the cost of gathering those stories is not. He needs help financially and lots of it. Without it the sole voice of the reality on the ground in Iraq may go silent. We can't let this happen. Here is a link to his PayPal page.
For those not aware of who Michael Yon is here is his page at Wikipedia

This is from Michaels latest post
But it wasn’t until I spent that week back in the States that I realized how bad things have gotten. I believe we are witnessing a conspiracy of coincidences conflating to exert an incomprehensibly destructive force on the free press system that we largely take for granted. The fact that the week in question also happened to be when General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker were delivering their reports to Congress makes me wonder if things are actually worse than I’ve assessed, and I returned to Iraq sadly convinced that General Petraeus now has to deal from a deck clearly stacked against him in both America and Iraq.

In a day and age when true heroes like Lt Michael Murphy, LCpl Jason Dunham, and SFC Paul Smith, all Medal of Honor recipient's, go ignored in favor of coverage of Brittany, OJ, and the latest missing teen coed of the day you are depraving yourself of the compelling story of Iraq if you don't become familiar with Mr Yon's writings.

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