Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, At Least She's Got a Pink Ribbon On

Good Lord, how depressing are these photos?

Via A Tangled Web.
Laura Bush in Saudi - promoting greater cancer awareness, meeting breast cancer survivors and attending the signing of a memorandum of understanding under which Saudi Arabia will formally join the US-Middle East Partnership for breast cancer awareness and research. Her four-nation tour which began in the United Arab Emirates includes Kuwait and Jordan. It also aims at restoring the 'US image in the Middle East battered by the US-led invasion of Iraq'.

It was quite hard to find this image. It was in todays Sun newspaper under the flippant headline 'Didnt she do Veil" . The Sun loves a good piss take. But at least it drew attention to something. Other outlets prefered to run images of just Laura Bush (below) - unsurprisingly since the image says a lot more about womens status than it does about cancer and noone wants to make a contentious statement about the obvious do they?
Then there's this groupshot:

H/T reader Daphne, who adds:
Mrs. Bush and 4 burkha clad women on a couch together while she was in the country doing breast cancer awareness.

The pictures point up he stark differences between islam and the west. The pink bow on the burkha is heartbreaking.
More on Laura Bush's visit here.

UPDATE: LGF links. Thanks!

UPDATE II: As LGF notes, via Debbie Schlussel, these photos apparently were taken in the UAE, not Saudi Arabia.

Also at American Thinker, Gates of Vienna.

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