Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Preppie Killer Chambers in Cocaine Bust

It appears the expiration date on this punk has passed.

Time to permanently remove him from society.
Preppie Killer Robert Chambers and his longtime girlfriend were busted Monday night on charges of selling enough cocaine from their swank East Side apartment "to levitate Central Park," police sources said.

Cops said Chambers, 41, struggled with officers who tried to handcuff him on the felony charges. One detective suffered a broken thumb in the fracas.

Chambers, who was freed from prison in February 2003 after serving 15 years for the August 1986 murder of Jennifer Levin in the infamous "rough sex" case, could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted of the new charges.

Cops got to the E. 57th St. apartment shortly after 8 p.m. where tenants, apparently aware of the drug sales, told them, "I hope you're here for the 17th floor." They crashed through the door of Apartment 17-B, a pricey but messy one-room apartment Chambers' girlfriend, Shawn Kovell, inherited from her mother.

Kovell, 39, also was arrested for felony drug sales. She burst into tears as Chambers battled with police.

Investigators had seen heavy drug traffic at the apartment in recent months, and undercover cops bought a quarter kilo of coke - a little more than a half pound - with a street value, of $20,000, they said.

The couple is accused of making a total of eight sales to cops posing as small-time drug dealers.

One sale of at least 68 grams of coke is an A-1 felony, carrying a sentence of up 30 years. Chambers allegedly made two of them to cops, along with at least four A-2 felony sales carrying sentences of up to 17 years.
Bye bye, dickhead.

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