Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mongolia Joins American Empire

Yes, Mongolia.

Boy, did this U.S. expansion ever fly under the radar.

Wait until the left finds out.

You can already see the protest signs, but I'll fix the inevitable misspellings in advance:

U.S. Out of Mongolia Now!

The Midnight Sun reports:
Quick, what are Mongolia’s three geographic neighbors? There’s Russia to the North, China to the South—and then, of course, there is ... America?

In an odd geopolitical move, Mongolia has volunteered to join America’s global empire, designating the United States as its “third neighbor”—I am not making that up—and adopting English as its official second language, even though the nearest English-speaking nation is thousands of miles away.
More here.
THE US$285 million Millennium Challenge compact assistance program to reduce poverty through economic growth in Mongolia was signed on October 22. President N.Enkhbayar and President George W. Bush signed the five-year agreement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in a sober ceremony marked with quiet but confident optimism. The Mongolian head of state began his US visit on Monday.

Speaking before the ceremony, Enkhbayar termed the approval of the agreement by the MCC Board of Directors as “one of the most significant events” for Mongolia this year. “All Mongolian people are excited about the agreement and its subsequent implementation,” he said.
Wait, what have we got here? Just as we suspected. A business interest.
Polo Resources Ltd said its Polo Resources LLC unit has acquired a 100 pct interest in a large coal exploration license in the South Gobi Coal Basin in Mongolia for 350,000 usd.

The natural resources investment and mining company said the project covers 550 square kilometres of Permian sediments known to host some of the region's better coal deposits.
There we go again. Cold, heartless Western capitalists raping another country's natural resources.


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UPDATE: The Mongolian Movement has gained traction at Instapundit.

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