Wednesday, October 31, 2007

UN Calls for Peace During Olympics

Good luck with that. Really, it's just another meaningless resolution from a useless organization.

The UN General Assembly endorsed Wednesday the Olympic Truce, calling on all countries to respect it individually or collectively during the 29th Olympiad taken place in Beijing next year.

The resolution adopted by the assembly supported China's slogan "One world, one dream" for the Olympic Summer Games to be held August 8 to 24, and the Paralympic Games from September 6 to 17.

The adoption of the Olympic Truce, which has been a standard measure by the UN, came after China, the International Olympic Committee and many countries and organizations spoke in favour of the a time-honoured practice dating back to ancient Greece to stop all conflict during the Olympic sportive events.

Liu Qi, the president of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 29th Olympiad, asked the 192-nation assembly to continue the tradition.

"The UN and the Olympic Movement are natural allies," Liu said. "The Olympic ideal coincides with the UN purpose to promote peace."
Just make sure you remind the Islamists and assorted violent leftist groups before the games start.

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