Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crackpot Lefty Blogger Threatens Violence Against Commenter

Man, it really was a bad week for the left.

Here's yet another case of one becoming totally unglued.
Hey Idiot,

Don’t waste your damn time or mine commenting on my fucking Blog, I saw what you wrote, so, don’t come around thinking I will let your fucking comments stand.

obscure Blogger, FUCK YOU!

Goodbye dickhead
Then there's this:
it was when he was imitating the fucking kid, ya fucking asshat… if you get your god damned head out your fucking ass or out of George W. Bush’s ASS you’d see that.
damned idiot, now go run your lame ass blog and leave me fuck alone, before I call a damn hit out on your ass. I know people in Georgia, ya know.
And it looks like he's running for cover now.

This 35-year-old loser, you guessed it, lives with his parents. He blames it on Bush, of course.
yeah, I’m 35 and I live with my folks, thanks your wonderful President.
It appears this pathetic slob has a track record. See The Jawa Report.

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