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Richardson Uses CA Fires to Raise Campaign Funds; Sandwich King Also Invokes Iraq

It hasn't taken Democrats long to try and exploit a natural disaster, between the absurd claims of global warming being the cause to this myth that since some California National Guard troops are in Iraq, things are any worse.

Now Democrat presidential candidate and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is using the fires in a pathetic attempt to raise campaign cash. Naturally, he's appearing at the house organ for the inherently insipid, The Huffington Post.

Where is the National Guard?
But as someone who believes the war in Iraq is a complete disaster and that we need to get our troops out now (, I look at the natural disaster in California and feel compelled to also ask President Bush and every candidate who thinks it is okay for our troops to remain in Iraq until 2013 or longer - where is our National Guard?

It is a sad irony that yesterday, the very day I sent fire crews to California, 300 more New Mexico National Guard members were sent to Iraq. Just when we need them most at home, more of our brave men and women, true public servants, are sent away to a war we cannot win.

Never before in our history has our National Guard, a group of dedicated men and women who serve our country and provide critical aid in the time of natural disasters been used, and re-used, for so long to fight a war tens of thousands of miles away.

In California, the Guard force is authorized to have over 21,000 members. Today, that number is just under 15,000. Why the decline? I believe it has nothing to do with a diminished commitment to service, but rather is a frustration with having that commitment abused, and families turned upside down, just so President Bush can continue to pretend his war can succeed.

George Bush, his Republican friends and the Democrats who continue to allow this war to continue have not only broken our military, they've broken our National Guard.
Click the above link and you wind up here, where it says it is Paid for by Richardson for President, Inc.

Of course, he declines to note the New Mexico Guard deployment consisted of a fighter wing and there's no evidence they've been trained to fight fires.

Alas, to their credit, some of the commenters are not amused by this shameless money grab.
1will (See profile | I'm a fan of 1will)
What is sad is the comedian, Stephen Colbert, has the same level of support for the Democratic nomination as you do.
Good luck trying to be relevent.

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CaseyBabes (See profile | I'm a fan of CaseyBabes)
Go Bill? For crying out loud, in reality this vague governor is complaining about the use of the National Guard, which is what it is be used. I'm an independent who 'til now had a fair opinion of the guv, but, fuggedaboutit.

Reply | Parent | posted 06:59 pm on 10/24/2007

TazeMe65 (See profile | I'm a fan of TazeMe65)
If you move troops out of Iraq, how do you plan to deal with Iran when we eventually have to face them down on their nuke program?

Since you don't have any position on Iran on your website, I must assume you aren't thinking that far ahead in this chess game. Oh, and by the way, the Europeans tried diplomacy with Iran all last summer and have nothing to show for it.

Reply | posted 04:15 pm on 10/24/2007
Of course, some of the usual inmates weigh in.
iswearington (See profile | I'm a fan of iswearington)
bill you are absolutely right! shouldn't there be truckloads of national guardsman and blackwater mercs roaming around shooting innocent people like they were in new orleans? why did state and federal help get there so fast? should the citizenry have been allowed to languish with their tongues hanging out from thirst for a few days like they did when katrina struck?

Log in | posted 03:42 pm on 10/24/2007

Lazslo (See profile | I'm a fan of Lazslo)
I wish you were leading in the run for the democratic nomination, Gov. Richardson. As the only candidate out there who proposes ending the Iraq war, you have my vote and I hope the state of Washington will support you early next year in its primary vote. Tell me, (I know I must sound like a fool here) but what's to stop you from brokering a peace in Iraq and the region on your own, right now?
Reply | posted 03:51 pm on 10/24/2007
Not to be outdone by Richardson's stupidity, another Democrat also-ran, Connecticut Senator Christopher "Sandwich King" Dodd also invoked Iraq today.
Asked by reporters to elaborate after his speech, the Connecticut senator cited the Bush Administration’s failure to provide sufficient funding to first responders. “The administration, of course, didn’t fully fund the Fire Act and Safer Bill,” he said, “so we’re still short. The new system, which we’ve written, is a risked-based system, which California would obviously qualify for.”

He also cited over-exertion of the National Guard due to the war in Iraq as causing a shortage in area first responders -- a criticism of the Bush Administration that was also raised by Democrats in May, after a deadly tornado struck Kansas.

You saw it in Kansas not long ago,” Dodd said, “you’ve seen it in other jurisdictions here, where because we’ve got men and women in Iraq in the National Guard, we don’t have them back in these states doing the kind of jobs they can do when these tragedies occur.”

On Hardball with Chris Matthews this afternoon, Republican candidate Duncan Hunter called that idea “nuts” because, he said, only 10 percent of the National Guard is in Afghanistan or Iraq.
I agree. Dodd is nuts.

We've yet to see any of the other candidates using this to raise any money, but we have received unconfirmed reports from operatives on the ground that Chinese take-out joints from Santa Barbara to San Ysidro are on high alert to evacuate at a moment's notice.

UPDATE: Sister Toldjah links. Thanks!

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