Monday, October 29, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Enjoy Your Money

It's all about A-Rod.

DLTDHYOTWO, you greedy SOB.

Not content to make outrageous sums of money and never produce in the post-season, he decides to try and steal a little thunder from the Red Sox.

What a jerk.
“I got a call from Alex tonight, and he is going to opt out," Scott Boras, Rodriguez's agent, told The Post last night during Game 4 of the World Series. “He was just too unsure with new ownership talking about a transition where the organization is going right now. He is not sure what is going to happen with [free agents] Mariano [Rivera] and [Jorge] Posada, and if Andy Pettitte is coming back. He needs more time to assess where the Yankees are going in the future."
Yes, well those three will likely show loyalty to the Yankees and re-sign shortly. As for Rodriguez, if it was all about winning, he'd never have gone to Texas in the first place.

BTW, congratulations are in order for the Boston Red Sox, who are now 8-2 in their last 10 World Series games.

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