Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dopey Spitzer May Scuttle Illegal Alien License Plan

You just know the Dragon Lady and her minions are leaning all over him, now that his idiocy has nearly torpedoed her campaign.

I hope he keeps it up though, since this issue is sure to sink Democrats nationwide.
Embattled Gov. Spitzer yesterday for the first time pointedly refused to rule out shelving his controversial plan to allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses.

Speaking to reporters in Puerto Rico after privately addressing Latino state lawmakers at their annual island conference, Spitzer was asked several times whether he is ruling out tabling the policy.

"We'll work and see where things go," said Spitzer, noting several times "it's a tough issue."

At one point, as he continued to defend the plan, he said, "as of now I think it's the right idea from a security perspective."

"The way policy gets created, you put out ideas. Most of them we've succeeded in implementing," he said.

"Sometimes you put out an idea and there isn't so much support and you try to persuade people and you see where you go. This is the way the world works."

Spitzer's Homeland Security director, Michael Balboni, originally conceded to The Post yesterday that while the administration is "not there" in terms of pulling the plug on the plan, "after all the things that have gone on, you'd have to be completely tone deaf not to pay attention. There are lots of discussions going on."

Balboni called back later to say he would accompany the governor Wednesday to Washington to meet with an increasingly skeptical New York congressional delegation "to make the case" for the plan.
Amazing when the Democrat say how complicated and tough the issue is.

What's so complicated? You do not give illegal aliens special privileges.

What part of illegal do the Democrats not understand?

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