Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good News: Most Men Hate Mrs. Clinton

With a face like that, who can blame them?

The fact she's a mendacious shrew who is completely unable to give a straight answer to a simple question may also be a factor. Looks like she'll really need an army of those 95-year-olds to overcome this sizable gender gap.

In a stunning development, Republican men also indicate they're not likely to vote for her.

Shocking, isn't it?

Poll: Clinton lags in quest for male voters
More than eight in 10 Republicans and more than half the married men in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll say they definitely wouldn't vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

The poll provides an early snapshot of who's ruling out Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama, the three leading candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton, who tops national polls of Democrats, is strongest within her party. Only 10% of Democrats said they'd rule her out; nearly three times as many said they wouldn't vote for Edwards.

The new poll found that Clinton would defeat the leading Republican, Rudy Giuliani, in a hypothetical matchup. Still, some Democrats wonder whether she's potentially unelectable or a drag on candidates lower on the ballot, and rivals such as Edwards say they're better bets.
Wonder no longer.

Mark it down, she will be a major drag on other candidates.

But hey, that's their problem.

Maybe the Dems can toss her overboard, but sadly, Miss Teen South Carolina isn't old enough to run yet.

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