Sunday, November 18, 2007


Marxist thug Robert Mugabe has turned a nation that was once known as the "bread basket of Africa" into the basket case of Africa - and that is no mean achievement. Naturally all the other thuggocracies that typify the dark continent look the other way as Mugabe goes about the important business of destroying everything of value in Zimbabwe, silencing all political dissent, and causing starvation on an enormous scale. He's a hero figure for certain other African leaders who evidently envy him his brutal powers. I was interested to read that the Zimbabwean government has accused the UK of plotting an invasion and considering assassinations of the country's political leadership. Presidential spokesman George Charamba said Harare remained ready to defend itself against the "sinister threats".

If only. Mugabe deserves to be removed from power as he is a genocidal tyrant. But the UK is not remotely interested in taking any action of any sort, so this is the fantasy of a paranoid dictator. In fact Britain has chosen to betray those of its citizens forced to take Zimbabwean passports by Mugabe and then refused entry to the UK as they fled for their lives.

The inaction of South Africa and the general antipathy of the African Union to Mugabe's murderous regime suggests that it is will idly stand by and watch the implosion of this nation.

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