Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Watch Your Back, Eliot

How quickly do you suppose the Vast Clinton Left-Wing Hate Machine will throw hapless New York Governor Eliot Spitzer under the bus if Democrats lose in certain races today?

Of course, most of the local and national media will downplay any notion of today's elections being a harbinger or bellwether if Democrats get their clocks cleaned, but will be quick to proclaim it as such if Democrats win where they're expected to.

But it will be most curious to see the reaction of Mrs. CLinton and her henchpersons should results not be in their favor.

In what would normally be a very dull election day, political observers are closely watching today whether Republicans gain an edge in races where Gov. Spitzer's plan for giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens has become a major issue.

"The Spitzer thing doesn't help anyone in a close race," declared veteran political consultant Joe Mercurio.

In Nassau County, Republican Joseph Belesi has been hammering Democratic incumbent David Mejas in a county legislative race for refusing to take a stand on the Democratic governor's licensing plan.

Democrats hold a slim 10-9 majority in the county legislature.

In upstate Erie County, incumbent County Clerk Kathleen Hochul is opposing Spitzer's proposal - even though she was appointed by the governor to replace David Swarts, recently named commissioner of motor vehicles.

The Republican challenger, Bill O'Loughlin, has repeatedly brought up the issue.
More at Newsday, where the AP account laments the fact Republicans are taking advantage of the issue. How dare they!
"The fact that the Republicans are trying to turn this into a terrorism issue ... is absolutely outrageous," said Ted Nixon, a Democratic candidate for Monroe County Legislature. "It's racial stereotyping and it has no place at all in the political discussion."
Yes, it outrageous! How dare Republicans use our own tactics against us!

In a typically pathetic Clinton performance, Mrs. Clinton's loving husband brought up--you guessed correctly--Swiftboating!
He compared the driver's license dustup to television ads during the 2004 presidential campaign that questioned Kerry's patriotism, and campaign commercials in 2002 suggesting that former Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., who lost three limbs in Vietnam, was soft on terrorism.

Meanwhile, The Washington Times notes 77% of voters oppose giving licenses to illegals.

Good luck, spinning that, Slick.

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