Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Marine Needs Your Help

Got this from over at Blackfive. There is a Marine who is now involved a legal case and fighting for his freedom. I am not taking sides in the fight other then to say that by reading the accounts of actions, which were in Fallujah, and of course involve him being charged with the unlawful killing of a non combatant. I do not know all the facts, in fact, I am pretty sure nobody does.

All I do know is that some liberal civilian judge in California now has a chance to put a Marine on trial for something he probably can never understand. The incident occurred at the height of the fighting in Fallujah.

This Marine needs some help and support. Go over to Blackfive and read the post he has up about this case and the information he does have.

Folks, shit happens in war, but when we start having detached personnel start to stand in judgment of those who must make decisions in microseconds or under extreme duress and fear of their lives then we can no longer have an effective military fighting force. Whether the judge or any of the other people pursuing the prosecution of this case realize this or not, that is the chilling effect it will have.

When soldiers are more worried about facing prosecution at home then they are killing the enemy, all you wind up with is more body bags coming home filled with hesitant soldiers.

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