Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How McCain Can Lose the South

In two words: Michael Bloomberg.

There are rumors, which I don't take very seriously, but if the worst-case scenario came true and he did pick Bloomberg as his VP pick he can just about kiss off the south.


Nanny-stater Mayor Bloomberg sent some of his goons down to Georgia a while back to make some fraudulent gun purchases and then turned around and filed suit against all of them. We have one gun shop owner in my county who is challenging him, at great expense.
Wallace's store was one of 27 named in two 2006 federal suits that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg brought against gun shops in states with weaker gun laws. Bloomberg's suits said Adventure Outdoors and the others did little to ensure they were making only legal sales and, as a result, those weapons were used in crimes 900 miles away.

Adventure Outdoors is one of three shops that hasn't settled, been dropped from the case or gone out of business. Its case goes to trial first, on Tuesday, while the other two are set for September.

The whole thing was a scam carried out by officials of New York City. They sent people into the gun shops to purchase the guns and then took them out of state or transferred them to other people not authorized to possess hand guns. Once the gun leaves the store the seller cannot be held responsible for what happens. The store did its due diligence and ran all required checks and had the undercover people sign and initial all the documents required by law.

This was nothing but a publicity stunt pulled by the mayor of NYC at the expense of honest gun store owners in Georgia, and with the money that his office has he has forced most of the wrongly accused to either settle out of court or go out of business.

I hope this guy can continue the fight, but it is despicable what he did.
New York City needs to clean up it owns house and quit coming down here and crapping in our yard.

I hope that in the countersuit Mr. Wallace takes the city of New York for everything they've got for this wrongful and illegal prosecution.

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