Thursday, May 29, 2008

FIFA Reinstates Iraq's Soccer Team

Most people are probably somewhat aware of the one bright spot over the last year regarding Iraq was the pride and admiration that the country displayed when their national team made it to the World Cup tournament. Well recently FIFA, that is the international ruling body for soccer, had suspended the Iraqi national team over what it claimed was interference by the government into the sports program.
Soccer's governing body FIFA lifted the international ban on Iraq, allowing Sunday's World Cup qualifier against Australia to go ahead.

FIFA had suspended Iraq on Tuesday over what it said was government interference in the domestic running of the sport by dissolving the national Olympic committee and all sports federations.
FIFA went on to stress that this was just a temporary reprieve and they had more questions they want answered by the Iraqi's before they would lift the ban completely.

The Iraqi disbanded their Olympic sports committee and national sports committee, primarily over allegations of corruption within those groups. Iraq is trying to rebuild those organizations and I am glad the FIFA took a reasoned approach and while they are allowing them to continue to compete and have those contest count they are also holding out the option that if the answers and actions of the Iraqi government are not adequate they can once again suspend the national team from being considered for World Cup competition.

Here's hoping the Iraqis get it together, because this team making it to the World Cup last time for a little time came the citizens of the country the hope of a brighter future. As long as there is hope, the human spirit can persevere.

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