Thursday, May 29, 2008

Selling Your Soul to Soros

Sells soul to the devil

I hope Scott McClellan is reveling in the adoration of the far-left crowd that spent years savaging him. He'll be the toast of the liberal elite for, oh, about 48 hours and then he'll be kicked to the curb like yesterday's trash.

Then he'll have no friends, no self-respect and no future, except maybe as a political analyst on MSNBC. In other words, he's finished.

A real stunner to find out a George Soros operative is the brains behind the book.

Of course, the connections to Soros, while obvious, will do nothing to quell the well-organized hit on George W. Bush. And the other rats in Congress are falling right in line.

McClellan's credibility (or what little he ever had) will be shattered within days, he'll be exposed as the feckless, incompetent fraud that he is. But the ugly, angry left now has a little something more to bludgeon the president with.

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