Sunday, May 25, 2008

Republicans Begin Their 40 Years of Wandering in the Wilderness

I hope it doesn't take them 40 years to figure out what their problem is, but if Rep Tom Cole (R-OK), Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, (pictured on the right) is any indication that appears to be where they are headed. First off when visiting his official web site, the most current entry is from January 8, 2007; uh, I think it is time to update, dude. It is an entry about digital television. How about the whole digital age?

What brought this Congress critter to my attention is remarks credited to him earlier this week about Republicans needing to campaign on a platform of change. Really? But the change he proposes is adopting the previous agenda of failed policies from the Democrats now that they have moved on to far more socialistic goals.

How about trying to come back to the right? You know, reduce government wasteful spending of my tax dollars. It was my money before it was yours. How about standing up in defense of military and quit letting all the slanders and lies about them and their mission going unanswered or unchallenged? How about at least pretending you are serious about securing our border and exporting the illegal aliens?

Anyway, Mr. Cole. along with his Democrat counterpart, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD),(pictured on the left) were on Fox News Sunday today with Chris Wallace and while neither man appears to possess one bit of knowledge of anything outside of that giant vacuum of Washington DC, the Dem once again managed to get off some jabs that went unchallenged.

The basic strategy outlined by the two representatives was this.

For the Dems they simply want to continue stalling legislation, even though they have the majority and should be able to get around any Republican attempt to block it, so that they can plead with the American public to please send them more Dems and also to hopefully have their man in the White House to really get their socialist agenda fast-tracked. Really, the only thing that has stopped the Dems is the so-called Blue Dog Dems; it certainly hasn't been the Republicans.

As for Mr. Cole, his basic strategy for the Republicans appears to be vote Republican because we aren't Democrats. Real good plan, Bubba.

When Wallace asked him about the Republicans voting for the earmark-laden Farm Bill, his defense was "Well it was less then we originally asked for." Well ain't that special? What happened to setting a bottom line and sticking to it? What happened to cutting out all the earmarks in all legislation? Why can't the Republicans stand up say that while some of these bills have great sounding titles the devil is in the details?

The same thing is being done on the Defense Appropriations bill and the GI Bill. Republicans afraid to vote against them because of the title rather then what is contained in the bills.

I don't know if videos of the segment of these two men will be available later but if you manage to see it either on a replay of the Fox News Sunday show or from video somewhere I urge conservatives to view it and see just why the Republican Party no longer cares or represents the conservative voices that used to be in their party.

Yes, I said used to be, because more and more in talking to people I am hearing folks that are not even what could be considered hard conservatives, talking about how frustrated they are with the Republicans and are earnestly in search of a new party to represent them.

If the Republicans don't make a right turn soon they are going to find themselves in a dead-end alley from which they will not be able to get out of.

Of course I could be wrong, but that is certainly my opinion.

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