Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Maxine Waters Envies Hugo Chavez's Utopia Post

Everybody knows by now the oil executives were up on Capitol Hill again yesterday for another round of bashing by the congress critters who see no shame in loading up all sorts of different bills with their favorite pork barrel spending project using your money over their profits.

The fact is the oil execs are just as much held hostage to the price of oil as determined by chicken little, sky is falling stockbrokers on Wall Street as the rest of us. It is the various markets around the world who determine the price of a barrel of oil and the usual pattern is Monday through Wednesday they drive the price up and then on Thursday and Friday they back off a little bit by cashing in on their profits and then go off and enjoy their weekend.

If Congress really wants to grill somebody they need to bring in some of largest brokerage firms who deal in oil futures and ask them about their bonuses and salaries.

Anyway, here is Maxine Waters threatening to have the government take over the oil industry because after all we all know what a good job the government does at running things.

Oh yeah, she even lets slip the "Socialism" word and watch the reaction of those sitting around her.


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