Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So, Islam Is a Race Now?

I'm getting confused. All the sniveling and caterwauling has the mind boggled. We've been told the world's Muslim population is anywhere from 700 million to upwards of 856 billion, give or take a few hundred million and depending on unreliable census data and rampant polygamy.

So now we have some puke in Australia bleating about racism because a school board wouldn't greenlight the construction of a 1200-student madrassa school.

Naturally, this guy comes from the curiously titled group FAIR (Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations. Could just be coincidence, but that name sounds awfully like one used by a group of Hamas-supporting terror co-conspirators here in the United States.
A SYDNEY council's rejection of a proposed Islamic school is a victory for racism, a Muslim community organisation says.

Camden Council last night voted unanimously to reject a proposal for a 1200-student Islamic school, a decision that followed months of heated community meetings and the release of an adverse report by the council's planners last week.

Mayor Chris Patterson said the council's decision was based on concerns surrounding the impact on traffic flows, loss of agricultural land, highlighted in the planners report and not on religious grounds.

But the independent think tank FAIR (Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations) said the decision came as no surprise and was "a reflection of unwarranted fear and ignorance about Islam".

"The decision based on planning grounds is only a smokescreen for the real issues which were related to community tensions and potential social upheavals if the school was approved," FAIR executive director Kuranda Seyit said in a statement today.
Community tensions I'm sure the Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with.
"I see this as a victory for racism.

"The fact is that Muslims are diverse and come from more than 65 different ethnic groups and everybody is suffering because of the negative perceptions about Muslims.
OK, so Muslims comes from 65 different ethnic groups. By my math, that would included members of assorted races.

So, exactly how would this unanimous ruling be racist? What, is the Islamophobia card losing steam?
"I am not sure where people get their information from and how they form their ideas but I can bet you a dollar per resident that they have never actually met a Muslim before."
Weak. You'd have to be pretty sheltered not to have met a Muslim. But by chance if they hadn't, see a whiny twerp like Seyit as a representative of the community might well turn people off.

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