Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NJ Has One Candidate for All Congressional Seats

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Anyway there are other reasons for visiting the site. I like to get the talking points that Democrat Congress critters will be espousing from the floor of Congress in the coming days. I don't know which way the information flow goes, from Congress to them or vice versa, but it spares me from having to monitor CSPAN on a regular basis.

Anyway I found this nice little story about what happens when Democrats use their own little dirty tricks of politicking against each other.

Apparently, a current US Representative from New Jersey, Rob Andrews, wants to be a Senator. So he has decided to challenge that aging senior citizen Frank Lautenberg. Lautenberg is 84. Is there anybody in the Senate under the age of 65? Good googly moogly, it is time to send these folks to a retirement home before they start falling out on the floor of the senate while giving a speech. No wonder we can't get solutions for 21st century problems in America when we have all of these old folks nostalgic for the good old days of the 1920's.

Anyway, back on point. In order to run for the senate seat Andrews would have to give up his bid for reelection for his house seat. While it seems Mr. Andrews waited until all the way up to the last minute to make this decision, thereby essentially preventing any other Democrat to run for his seat. Nobody wanted to challenge him. But Mr. Andrews also came up a solution for the problem and to ensure the Dems had a candidate on the ballot. He got his wife to run!

The current working theory is that if Mr. Andrews is unable to defeat Lautenberg, and Mrs. Andrews manages to win her race, which from what I understand of this district in NJ is a given, she will step aside allowing a replacement to be appointed who of course will be her husband.

How convenient!

You got to love NJ politics. Soon there won't even be a need to spend all that money on ballots and polling places.

Remind me ask Jammie sometime if the ballots they received are already pre-filled out to assist in the voting process.

JWF says: My thoughts on Lautenberg-Andrews here. As for whether ballots arrive filled out, they may in certain areas, especially Newark. Thankfully, my local elections are unopposed GOP candidates.

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