Friday, May 30, 2008

'Left Wing Hater' Comes Unglued

Poor Socky McSockpuppet. He must think they were talking about him.
After hearing his repugnant comments, I e-mailed Allen last night and asked him several questions, including (full email is here): "Is anyone who believes that the media was too deferential to the Bush administration in the run-up to the war a 'left-wing hater?'" and "Can you give a few examples of the 'left-wing haters' you were referencing?" and "Are there 'right-wing haters'? If so, any examples you can provide?" Allen sent me a completely non-responsive reply that had nothing to do with what I asked. When I emailed him again and emphasized that I was particularly interested in his use of the term "left wing haters," this is the reply he sent me...
How juvenile is this guy? Obviously he doesn't see himself in the same light normal people do, and if he's so blind he doesn't realize how much bilge is spewed daily from leftwing hates sites, then he's beyond help.

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