Saturday, May 31, 2008

Divorce is Like 'Being Tied to the Back of a Pickup Truck and Dragged Down a Gravel Road'

Wow, very subtle. Now who's the genius who has the temerity to liken a divorce with a gruesome murder?

Why, none other than perennial Father of the Year candidate Alec Baldwin, who is writing a book purported to "educate" the masses on the pitfalls of divorce.

Lesson 1: Don't berate your daughter over the phone while being taped and caught calling her a thoughtless little piggy.

Personally, if I were to ever be divorced, the last person I'd seek advice from is an unhinged actor with obvious temper problems who's prone to wild exaggeration.

Likening a divorce to the gruesome murder of James Byrd is sure to attract an audience.

Good grief.
Alec Baldwin - notorious for calling his daughter a "thoughtless little pig" on a voicemail - is now penning a book ironically aimed at educating parents and children going through divorce.

In the tome, "A Promise to Ourselves," he calls himself the "helpless" victim of a bitter divorce battle with actress Kim Basinger, the mother of his daughter, Ireland.

He says the book won't trash his ex-wife but admits that "it might have been in everyone's best interest if we never married."
It might be in your own best interest to dummy up.
In his expletive-laced phone message released in April 2007, Baldwin was heard ranting at Ireland, saying her "mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do! You've made me feel like s- -t!"

In print, Baldwin unleashes his attack on the legal system, which he claims destroys reputations. Divorce is like "being tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a gravel road," he pens in the book's introduction.
Perhaps this moron should just shut up and move on with his life.

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