Monday, May 26, 2008

'Germany Is Obamaland'

The fawning idolatry has spread across the Atlantic. Not only does the American media slobber and drool incessantly over this lightweight, but Messiah Mania has taken root with the European press.
"Germany is Obamaland," says Karsten Voigt, the German government's coordinator for trans-Atlantic relations. He says Germans see the African-American senator as a kind of "mixture of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr."
Oops, I hope nobody draws any sinister inference there considering those two were both assassinated. They might need to run their copy by the nutroots to see that nobody is offended.
People are projecting their hopes and dreams on Obama, adds Constanze Stelzenm├╝ller of the German Marshall Fund in Berlin. He's perceived here as peace-loving and cooperative, and those are the kind of traits Germans admire in a foreign politician.
Peace-loving and cooperative. Translated roughly as a willing dupe who's easy to roll.

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