Friday, May 30, 2008


So, who thinks that we should consider TALKING to Al Queda in an effort to stop them slaughtering us? We've tried daisy cutters, so should we try dialogue?

The man tipped to be the next head of the London Metropolitan police, PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde does, believes it is vital that we engage with the crazed lunatics that make up Islam's cutting edge.

Taking time out from his hectic schedule as head of the world's most politically-correct and absolutely useless police service, Northern Ireland's PSNI, Sir Hugh talks to the left wing Guardian newspaper and argues that it's not IF but rather WHEN we should enter dialogue with the militant Islamics. He bases this view on his experience in Northern Ireland where he now enjoys convicted IRA bombers and bankrobbers sitting on his Policing Board. I guess he looks forward to the day when the masterminds behind the 7/7 massacre can get a job running London transport. That would be his idea of a victory.

Here's the deal - once appeasement enters the soul, it never goes away. Sir Hugh is an appeaser par excellence. He sees nothing wrong with the appeasement of the IRA in Northern Ireland and therefore it seems natural, even desirable to him, that we appease Al Queda. Orde manifests the politically correct mindset so prevalent in the highest echelons of British policing - he understand that there is no will to DEFEAT terrorists so it is best to cut your losses and talk to them instead. Looking forward to seeing those Al Queda psychopaths flying in -first class - to London to have a bit of a chat with Sir Hugh and his appeasing pals.

Just hope the planes don't divert from the run in to Heathrow....

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