Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Georgia Representative Looking Out for You

Unfortunately, it is my representative, David Scott (D-GA). In an effort to address the issues of developing a common sense energy policy for America, to tackle the issue of defeating the radical Islamic movement, and to provide a definitive solution for the illegal immigration program he has proposed H.R. 2356.
Adds Father's Day, the third Sunday in June, to the official occasions for the display of the U.S. flag.
That's right, in light of all the pressing issues facing this country in regards to national security, sound fiscal policy and answers to our energy issues, he has somehow found the time to sponsor a bill that will allow you to fly your flag on Father's Day. Unless you live in one of those subdivisions ruled by one of those all powerful homeowners associations normally headed by some guy with a Napoleonic complex.

I have no idea how many late hours were spent by the good congressman, no doubt toiling away late into the night and pushing his staff almost to the point of exhaustion doing the research and working on the right wording so that he could have a resolution worthy of the American people.

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