Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sniveling Deserter Getting Booted From Canada

Poor Corey Glass. All this time he thought he was signing up for a humanitarian mission, and the mean old government decided to ship this naive rube off to Iraq.

If you're going to be a complete chickenshit, at least come up with a better excuse.
An American national guardsman who refused to redeploy to Iraq pleaded with the Canadian government on Wednesday to let him stay in Canada, despite an order from immigration officials that he leave within three weeks.

Sgt. Corey Glass, 25, is said to be the first Iraqi war dodger from the U.S. to face imminent deportation from Canada.

"I don't think it is fair that I should be returned to the United States to face unjust punishment for doing what I felt morally obligated to do," Glass said.
Waaaah, it's not fair! What is this, kindergarten?
"I appeal to the Canadian people and the Canadian government to honor their tradition of respect for human rights and support my decision not to participate in this unjust war."
Sorry, pal, just because you made a decision doesn't mean anyone else is obligated to support it.

Geez, this sense of entitlement among some people is just all-consuming.
Like other American soldiers who fled to Canada, Glass's claim for refugee status has been turned down on the grounds he faces prosecution in the U.S., not persecution.

A separate Canadian federal assessment concluded he might be punished for desertion but that did not mean he was at serious risk of abuse in the U.S.
Not to mention merciless ridicule on blogs.
Glass joined the U.S. National Guard in 2002 believing it was a "humanitarian organization." He said he was told he would never be deployed abroad to combat.
That argument is just not plausible. Anyone with a functioning brain had to be fully cognizant, especially post-9/11, that joining the National Guard may likely entail being shipped off to war.

Glass needs to man up, take his punishment and get on with his life.

Whining like a little bitch isn't working.

Update: Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the link. Also check out Ed Morrissey's take on this over at Hot Air.

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