Saturday, June 21, 2008

Congress Has Lowest Rating Ever, Trails Military 71-12%

That Nancy Pelosi Era is really working out, huh?
Gallup's annual update on confidence in institutions finds just 12% of Americans expressing confidence in Congress, the lowest of the 16 institutions tested this year, and the worst rating Gallup has measured for any institution in the 35-year history of this question.
And what do you know, the military enjoys the highest rating of any group.
In the latest update, Congress ranks just below HMOs, for whom 13% of Americans express "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence. Big business, the criminal justice system, organized labor, newspapers, television news, and the presidency all receive relatively low confidence ratings.

In contrast, Americans express the most confidence in the military, as they have each year since 1988 (with the exception of 1997, when small business edged it out). Small business ranks second in the current poll, just ahead of the police. These are the only three institutions that for whom a majority of Americans express a high degree of confidence.
So given the mess left by Pelosi and her crooked bunch, why won't people just sweep them from office? The Democrats have spent the better part of the last five years slandering our troops, and look where it's gotten them.

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